Located in Jackson Hole, we are made up of a creative team with the common goal of bringing unique fine dining experiences to the area. Field Rations finds the highest quality seasonal ingredients, prepares them with creative cooking techniques, and presents them in a unique environment for our guests to enjoy.


The Pop up

A pop-up dinner offers food enthusiasts a new and exciting way to enjoy fine dining. These multi-course events are held in unorthodox settings like art galleries or flower shops and offer a unique prix fixe seasonal menu and wine pairing thoughtfully curated by our chef. Field Rations’ pop-up dinners are sat family style encouraging guests -- friends or strangers -- to converse and connect.


private dining

If you’re hosting a dinner party, we’d love to help. We will work with you to construct the perfect dinner or cocktail party that aligns with your specific taste and vision. At Field Rations, our priority is to provide a unique dinner experience incorporating only the highest quality ingredients and sourced from top purveyors nationwide.

"Ready to eat" gourmet meals

We know you’re busy, so leave dinner to us. Whether you’re on vacation in Jackson Hole or a local with a busy work schedule, the Field Rations’ “Ready-to-Eat” meals are an easy option to enjoy a gourmet meal in the comfort of your home. These sous vide meals are fully-cooked in our kitchen with the highest quality ingredients, then vacuum-sealed and frozen. Ideal for stocking your freezer, our “Ready-to-eat” gourmet meals are ready to enjoy after a quick reheat in a pot of water or with the use of a sous vide machine. *COMING WINTER 2017